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DIMENSION makes additional investment in Biophilia, provide of “Coco Gourmet” fresh pet food

DIMENSION Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takamitsu Miyaso; hereafter, DIMENSION) announces that it has made an additional investment in Biophilia (headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Kota Iwahashi; hereafter, Biophilia), a company that develops and sells fresh pet food which has surpassed a cumulative total of 120 million meals sold.

Biophilia is a startup with the mission of “happiness for humans from the happiness of animals.” The company aims to create a symbiotic society where the happiness of animals and humans circulates and supports one another.

The fresh pet food service offered, “Coco Gourmet,” departs from the traditional concepts of dry and wet food. It uses only human-grade, fresh, domestically sourced meat and vegetables, and focuses on low-temperature cooking to preserve the natural taste and nutritional value of the ingredients. Every step of the process, from preparation to delivery and storage, is managed to the same standards as food for humans, and it is delivered regularly to customers’ homes for their pet dogs. Additionally, “Myao Gourmet” for cats is also currently available.

As more and more consumers view dogs and cats as cherished family members and want to provide them with healthy meals, Coco Gourmet has surpassed 120 million total sales and services over 200,000 member pet dogs, making it No. 1 in fresh pet food sales*.

At DIMENSION, we have made an additional investment to support Biophilia’s business development and further expand customer support. Through this investment, we will help Biophilia’s customers enable a world where they can live healthily with their beloved pets.

We will continue to invest in and provide ongoing support to entrepreneurs who are dedicated and sincere in their management efforts.

For more details about this funding, please refer to Biophilia’s press release:

*Number one in fresh pet food sales: August 2022 / According to TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.

■ Biophilia (
Representative: Kota Iwahashi
Location: NF Building 6th floor, 3-5-5 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2017
Business: Manufacturing and sales of fresh pet food, including “Coco Gourmet” and “Myao Gourmet,” and other pet-related businesses.

Our mission is “Building a society where people’s vision and commitment are rewarded.”
The first fund, established in October 2019, has invested in 24 companies, three of which have gone public. In April 2022, we established the second fund with a total of 10.15 billion yen. Beyond merely providing risk money, we leverage our expertise in business growth, organizational development, and finance to invest in entrepreneurs who are committed and sincere in their management from the early stages, supporting their business expansion and IPO efforts.

Representative: Takamitsu Miyaso Chief Executive Officer
Location: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Established: October 2019
Business: Venture Capital business