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DIMENSION makes additional investment in Michibiku, provider of “michibiku,” a platform for digitizing the board of directors of listed companies

DIMENSION Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takamitsu Miyaso; hereafter, DIMENSION) announces that it has made an additional investment in Michibiku (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryuto Nakamura), a company specializing in “Corporate Governance Tech,” aiming to guide management towards its ideal state.

Michibiku is a startup company pioneering “Corporate Governance Tech” in Japan. It aims to create a world where appropriate decision-making is made within companies and accelerates the update of the corporate governance field, which was until now has been bypassed by Digital Transformation (DX). Since August 2022, the startup has been providing the Board of Director’s DX platform “michibiku”.

“michibiku” is a Board of Director’s DX platform that enhances the efficiency of board operations and improves the quality of decision-making. It consolidates the necessary data for board meetings into one platform, facilitating paperless operations and eliminating the need for use of Japanese document seals. By seamlessly digitally transforming critical meetings, the platform aims to enhance the quality of decision-making, increase opportunities for new value creation, and enable the essential functions of boards of directors to be more fully realized.

The Board of Director’s DX provided by Michibiku not only streamlines operations through digitization but also contributes to corporate governance, which has attracted greater emphasis in recent years. As the release of DX products progresses, adoption by major corporations is accelerating, and the effectiveness of implementation is beginning to be demonstrated.

DIMENSION has decided to make an additional investment to support the expansion of Michibiku’s business, led by company CEO Nakamura, who continues to focus on customers, people, and organizations.

Through this investment, DIMENSION will support the realization of Michibiku’s mission, “Guiding management towards its ideal state.” Additionally, we will continue to invest in and provide ongoing support to entrepreneurs who are dedicated and sincere in their management efforts.

For more details about this funding, please refer to Michibiku’s news release:

■ Michibiku (
Representative: Ryuto Nakamura, CEO
Location: 2nd Floor, Kuwayano Building, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2021
Business: Operation of the corporate executive DX platform “michibiku” and consulting on corporate governance

Our mission is “Building a society where people’s vision and commitment are rewarded.”
The first fund, established in October 2019, has invested in 24 companies, three of which have gone public. In April 2022, we established the second fund with a total of 10.15 billion yen. Beyond merely providing risk money, we leverage our expertise in business growth, organizational development, and finance to invest in entrepreneurs who are committed and sincere in their management from the early stages, supporting their business expansion and IPO efforts.

Representative: Takamitsu Miyaso Chief Executive Officer
Location: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Established: October 2019
Business: Venture Capital business