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DIMENSION makes additional investment in Utaite, which develops and produces 2.5D IP

DIMENSION Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takamitsu Miyaso; hereafter, DIMENSION) announces that it has made an additional investment in Utaite Inc. (headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masashi Kurata; hereafter, Utaite), which is engaged in the development and operation of 2.5-dimensional IP.

Established in December 2022, Utaite continues to successively produce and develop 2.5D IP, aiming to reach the world from Japan’s new “Entertainment Economic Sphere.” In this era where individuals play a significant role, Utaite aims to create a “platform” that supports creators’ activities and maximizes opportunities to delight fans, thus promoting personal fulfillment. A notable feature is the mechanism that allows creators to continue their activities comfortably and enables fans to feel closer to their activities.

Since receiving a previous round of investment, Utaite has been making progress in line with its plans towards the debut of 2.5D IP. We believe the organization has gained further momentum, especially with the involvement of prominent members of the entertainment industry. We have high expectations for Utaite’s growth as an entertainment company shaping the future era, which led us to decide on additional investment.

In the future, Utaite will continue to develop IP while collaborating in peripheral areas such as games and anime. It plans to engage in the development, operation, and expansion of 2.5D IP, as well as hosting live events and building platforms.

DIMENSION will continue to invest in and support entrepreneurs who dedicated and sincere in their management efforts.

For detailed information about this funding, please refer to Utaite’s news release:

■ Utaite Co., Ltd. (
Representative: Masashi Kurata
Location: Breeze G, 3-17-15 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Established: December 28, 2022
Business: Development and operation of 2.5D IP

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Representative: Takamitsu Miyaso Chief Executive Officer
Location: 5th floor, Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B, 5-9-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Established: October 2019
Business: Venture Capital business