During his time at university Osamu Suzuki started up an IT marketing business. After selling the business he engaged in organizational development and corporate brand building at Intelligence, Inc. Joining CyberAgent, Inc., in 2004, he worked in the personnel department, as manager of the CEO’s office, as president of an affiliated company, and as general manager of the industry-academia collaboration business. From 2011 he was appointed to lead global HR development at GREE, Inc. In 2014 he was appointed to the board of directors of SHIFT Inc., where he contributed to the creation and expansion of earnings by overseeing the operations of all domestic and overseas group companies, including an overseas assignment where he established a company as CEO of a local subsidiary. In 2019 he was appointed CHRO at Mirrativ, Inc. He established his own company, TOMORROW COMPANY INC., in 2013, through which he provides investment for startups, support for IPO and post-IPO growth support.
He also has a long track record of angel investment in Japan and overseas. In 2023, He assumed the roles of Startup Support Supervisor in Sendai City and Startup Support Advisor in Miyagi Prefecture, collaborating with the administration to support regional revitalization starting from building the startup ecosystem.