Multifaceted management
support to encourage committed
entrepreneurs to grow
their businesses

Not only does DIMENSION provide financial support through funding, we also aim to encourage significant business growth, based on the provision of our business growth knowledge and organizational development skills backed by our extensive IPO/M&A experience.


  • IPO 35 companies
  • M&A 61 companies

*As of February 2024
* Including the results of Dream Incubator Inc.,
the originator of DIMENSION.

  • CASE 1

    Support for formulating and implementing basic policy on business tie-up with major media company

  • CASE 2

    Support for acquiring responses from the Financial Services Agency regarding the gray zone elimination system

  • CASE 3

    Approaching and hiring CFO of listed company with experience in reviewing prerequisites for stock market listing and establishment of management accounting



Entrepreneurs from listed companies assist
in management promotion

DIMENSION is fortunate to have the support of many LP investors, including 11 founders of listed companies, institutional investors, business corporations, and individual investors. From among these investors we have established a system in which senior entrepreneurs assist junior entrepreneurs in promoting management, and in so doing expand the circle of business and trust.



  • Taejun

    Gojo & Company Chief Executive Officer

    At Gojo & Company, our mission is rooted in bringing financial inclusion to the global stage, a crucial element for fostering equality of opportunity. In the early stages of our journey, securing funds was a formidable challenge. DIMENSION, under the leadership of Mr. Miyaso, not only made a substantial investment at a pivotal moment but also consistently demonstrated unwavering support for our fundraising endeavors. Through DIMENSION's extensive network, I also had the privilege of connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, an experience that significantly enriched my perspective. We are immensely grateful for the invaluable support and opportunities that DIMENSION has brought to our path.

  • Yuji

    SHOWROOM Chief Executive Officer

    Based on our management philosophy of "Creating a world where hard work is rewarded fairly," at SHOWROOM we operate our eponymous livestreaming platform SHOWROOM. Right from the very start and the launch of SHOWROOM, everyone at DIMENSION has shared this philosophy and been tremendously supportive. I am truly delighted to be able to work with DIMENSION publicly. With DIMENSION's support we will continue to press forward, striving for the realization of an ideal world.

  • Kosuke

    AnyMind Group Chief Executive Officer

    DIMENSION is an important partner for us in promoting management. In the past when we faced significant management-related challenges and were embroiled in various issues, the people at DIMENSION quickly formed a team, conducted an investigation and provided us with precise advice that gave us much to think about for promoting our business globally. As we have continued to grow since starting up in 2016, DIMENSION has been a major presence for us as we have been able to work together on major business initiatives. As we look to further accelerate growth in the future we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been able to build a partnership with DIMENSION.

  • Nozomu

    LegalOn Technologies Chief Executive Officer

    What we as startups hope for from investors is as follows: 1) Strong support for topline growth, 2) support for accurate management decisions backed by rich knowledge and experience that startups lack, and 3) the power to use broad networks to overcome adversity. Under CEO Miyaso, DIMENSION provides a range of professionals with diverse backgrounds who are totally committed to helping us. There are so many things that we have been able to achieve or overcome thanks to the presence of DIMENSION and we will continue to depend on them going forward.

  • Hisyo

    NYLE Chief Executive Officer

    Based on our mission to “Bring happiness to future generations,” NYLE is a company that is promoting digitalization in various industries, including the automotive industry. Like all companies NYLE faces a variety of management challenges and issues in promoting our business. It is at these times that DIMENSION’s team is always there by the entrepreneur’s side, helping out with everything from partner and investor introductions to strategy discussions. It is a fun, reassuring, and above all stimulating journey to be able to go forward together with such a great partner as DIMENSION as we work to make our vision a reality!

  • Motoaki

    COVER Chief Executive Officer

    For us DIMENSION is a valuable partner that provides dedicated support for aspects of management that a startup might find challenging to face on its own. In specific terms, using DIMENSION NOTE to communicate management policies to job seekers has succeeded in deepening their understanding of the company. What is more, we receive advice from DIMENSION on organizational structure and HR development, making them a reliable and trusted presence for management of our rapidly growing organization.

  • Koji

    BABYJOB Chief Executive Officer

    Based on a corporate philosophy of realizing a “society in which all people can enjoy child-rearing” we provide a fixed price service for disposable diapers at day-care centers. To date we have faced difficult management decisions on many occasions, and each time DIMENSION members have reached out to management with prompt and accurate advice. As we move to further accelerate our business we will undoubtedly face various challenges, but with DIMENSION by our side I am sure we can overcome them.

  • Jin

    400F Chief Executive Officer

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  • Teruaki

    Jiraffe Chief Executive Officer

    Receiving investment from DIMENSION gives you opportunities to participate in exclusive DIMENSION events and engage in passionate discussions with DIMENSION’s investment members, all of whom are involved in a wide range of activities including consulting and overseas investment. They are also able to take decisions that set them apart from other VCs and business companies, including investing in uncertain rounds and providing follow-on funding multiple times. Their past exit record and the probability of investees achieving status as publicly listed companies are both second-to-none. Receiving investment from DIMENSION should give any entrepreneur confidence and encouragement.


Topics Featured

DIMENSION to participate in Tokyo Venture Capital Hub, which opens on November 24 within Azabudai Hills

DIMENSION, Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takamitsu Miyaso ; hereafter, DIMENSION) announces its participation in the “Tokyo Venture Capital Hub,” which commenced operations at Azabudai Hills on November 24, 2023. ◆ About Azabudai Hills Azabudai Hills is a redevelopment project that Mori Building has been working on for 35 years. It was recently announced that the project opened on Friday, November 24, 2023. Based on the concept of a “Modern Urban Village – a city enveloped in green, like a ‘plaza’ connecting people to people,” Azabudai Hills is envisioned as a complex for people to live healthy and prosperous lives while harmonizing with nature, in a vast planned area of approximately 8.1 hectares with around 24,000 square meters of abundant greenery. Within a total floor area of approximately 861,700 square meters, urban functions that range from offices, residences and commercial offices to cultural facilities, educational institutions and medical facilities will be integrated. ◆ About Tokyo Venture Capital Hub The Tokyo Venture Capital Hub, which will be located on the 4th and 5th floors of Garden Plaza B at Azabudai Hills, is Japan’s first large-scale hub for venture capital (VC) integration. It will bring together approximately 70 companies, including the Japan Venture Capital Association, independent VCs leading Japan’s VC industry, and corporate venture capital (CVC) firms affiliated with major Japanese corporations. The Hub’s approximately 3,600 square meter facility will feature not only office space but also a coworking area where many CVCs can participate. It is envisioned to host networking events for startups, pitch events, workshops contributing to the growth of the industry and the development of next-generation VCs, as well as seminars introducing the latest technologies. Mutual exchange with independent VCs based in the office area will also be encouraged, aiming to serve as a venue for the essential supply of venture capital crucial for startup growth and to act as a catalyst for revitalizing the Japanese economy. ◆ Participation in the Tokyo Venture Capital Hub and office relocation We are pleased to announce that DIMENSION has decided to participate in the Tokyo Venture Capital Hub. In this space, which will become Japan’s first large-scale hub for venture capital aggregation, DIMENSION will commit itself to more than just providing venture capital. We will also offer abundant business growth insights, assistance in organizational development, support for financing, and even empower entrepreneurs with the courage to pursue their endeavors. Alongside other leading VCs driving the industry, we aspire to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy. In line with the above, we plan to relocate our offices to the Tokyo Venture Capital Hub in late January 2024. DIMENSION is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs who will lead Japan in the future and nurturing socially meaningful ventures. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the expansion and revitalization of the Japanese business market, and making a positive impact on Japanese society. ■ DIMENSION, Inc. (https://www.dimensionfund.co.jp/en/) Our mission is “Building a society where people’s vision and commitment are rewarded.” The first fund, established in October 2019, has invested in 24 companies, three of which have gone public. In April 2022, we established the second fund with a total of 10.15 billion yen. Beyond merely providing risk money, we leverage our expertise in business growth, organizational development, and finance to invest in entrepreneurs who are committed and sincere in their management from the early stages, supporting their business expansion and IPO efforts. Representative: Takamitsu Miyaso Chief Executive Officer Location: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Established: October 2019 Business: Venture Capital business